BikeHub Services

A bicycle is the simplest of all modes of transport. Yet its benefits are robust, both for the individual and environment. And its humble motion on two wheels have empowered movements all over the world. As Susan B. Anthony aptly remarked, the bicycle “has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world.”

Likewise, our casual approach to our work belies our professional output. We ride bikes, a lot. And we never forget our simple credo – help others spread the joy of cycling.

We help clients develop and execute their bike-related projects – bike parking, fleet management, public bike share & private bike share, and corporate wellness programs. Our approach ensures a smooth execution of your vision, or helps you develop that vision in a collaborative way:

Our Services Include:

Corporate wellness & events
We’ll develop an integrated wellness program centered around bicycles, utilizing multiple contact points to meet all employees where they are, from non-cyclists to hardcore bike commuters. Our programs aim for quantifiable results and methodical reporting, and will be customized to your particular needs.

Fleet management and procurement

Fleet management and procurement
Bicycles are as varied as people. We will help find the right bicycles for your specific needs, and provide on-site maintenance and bike balancing as your needs dictate.

Bike share
We’re here to help develop, deploy, and maintain your private bike share and public bike share program. We have relationships with most bike share vendors, and can assist you with all aspects of bike share deployment – demand-analysis, site selection and installation, bike share vendor selection, reporting, and management.

Bike Parking and Repair Facilities

Bike parking & repair facilities
Big or small, we can help in all aspects of facility management. From design to implementation to operations, we’ll help turn your vision into reality.