We know all the players, and we don’t take sides.  Our team works seamlessly with other vendors to produce a unified, cost-efficient project.  Feel free to Contact Us!


We’ll combine all aspects of cycling into a holistic bike program.  Bike share, secure bike parking, bike loaner programs, facilities & fleet management, training & repairs… we’ve got you covered.  We’ll even handle insurance, registration, and outreach.


Our growing list of clients spans all sizes in both public and private domains. Hopefully, your organization will be next.



As Susan B. Anthony aptly remarked, the bicycle “has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world.” Amen.

Now we use bikes to free us from the four-wheeled coffin, increase health and workplace productivity, and save the environment, one pedal at a time.

Bike parking & repair facilities

Big or small, we’ll help to design a perfect bike parking program.  We live and breathe design guidelines, local laws and permit requirements, and top manufacturers.  From concept to procurement to installation to operations, we handle it all.


Need to operate a multi-city bike share fleet numbering a couple thousand bikes… or just a couple?  Whatever the size, we’ll treat your bike share fleet like it’s the most important one in the world.  Because to you, it is.

Fleet management & procurement

Bicycles are as varied as people.  And every location demands a thorough study to ensure the highest usage and trouble-free maintenance.  From ebikes to cargo bikes, we’ll select the right fleet for your hood.

Multi-modal integration

Transportation on-demand and other emerging mobility options provide users with a ton of choices… and Facilities departments the fits.  BikeHub has been on the forefront of multi-modal integration, and can help you create a holistic solution.

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